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Kare Nursing Agency

What We Do

It is important to have a professional monitor your loved ones if they are on their own.

A professional needs to make the call when they need to be taken to the doctor.

At Kare Nursing Agency, we make sure that your elderly receives undivided attention and utmost care throughout the day. Their health and safety are our top priority.

Our Services

Whether you need medical assistance or companionship services, we have you covered. We provide:

  • Day and Night Care Services
  • Medication Administration Assistance
  • In-Home Phlebotomy (No Need to Go to the Hospital for Blood to Be Drawn for Laboratory Testing)
  • Feeding and Meal Planning
  • Companionship Services
  • Changing Clothes and Bathing
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • Appointments and Shopping
  • Personal Care and Hygiene

Consultation Services

Depending on the location, we charge $50 to $100 consultation fee for your first visit. This includes free vital signs screening.

Connect With Us

Our telephone line is open for emergencies. For enquiries and other concerns, you may send us an email. Contact us in Saint Kitts today.

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